Sept 18, 2019


Design enthusiasts were in for a treat at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2019 and we’ve listed out the best ones just for you



Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection continues irreversible and with more and more determination. Their timeless design with a combination of clear and sharp lines, dynamic forms and top quality finish add a mix of elegance and stylistic features are inspired by the mechanical DNA of Lamborghini family. The luxury collection devoted to home and office is embellished by new and vibrant pieces of furniture.


Matteo’s story began in the early twentieth century, at the family’s brickmaking kilns and in course of time, developed into what is now a personal passion for clay and terracotta. Matteo Brioni al cubo launched its new, three-dimensional line of objects with a system of modular surfaces for architecture named Arazzi. This latest project stems from the application of methodologies typical of design to a raw material like natural clay.


Fast attended the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile with a larger booth than the previous edition to replicate the feeling of well-being that one normally experiences out in the open, surrounded by nature. The installation was dedicated to the concept of encounter which was developed in its most textured form: as an interwoven scenario of fabrics, materials and colours. Instead of taking their furniture out into nature they did the opposite by taking nature into their furnished environment, expressing one of their most profound dynamics.


The essence of the collection was to use contemporary spirit to celebrate the traditions and stylistic heritage of GTV, a brand synonymous with the introduction of the bent beech-wood technique. The brand’s unparallelled expertise and future-oriented celebration were taken to the next level through collaborations with carefully selected designers who were chosen on account of their collectively shared passion for innovation. These collaborations showed the brand’s capacity of transforming the value of the past into an asset for the future.


The company provides specific wallcoverings for exteriors suitable to any needs using Fibratex, a raw woven fiberglass fabric with warp and weft closely woven. Fibratex is supplied with Tex Dekor, a specific resin with an opaque effect for outdoor use. This solution, besides the strong visual impact, guarantees weather resistance. Their projects revolutionise the common standard of wallcoverings, pushing itself beyond the limits with thrilling, irreverent and unexpected projects.

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