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Never Have I Ever Season 2 not only takes you through Devi’s teenage journey full of impulsive decisions but also gives you a closer look at the lives of important people that matter to her.

Words By: Amisha Shirgave

For the ones who haven’t watched Never Have I Ever season 1, let me give you a short summary. We are introduced to Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American teenage girl who’s brought up in California. Devi recently lost her father and she hadn’t mourned him the way she should have. She hadn’t given herself time to grieve or let’s say, it was pretty difficult for her to pass through it. She kept juggling with school, friends and her overprotective mother. In season 1, we get to witness Devi’s constant determination to experience sex, her love and hate relationship with her childhood academic rival Ben, her never ending crush over Paxton and her strong yet messy friendship with Fabiola and Eleanor. But none of this ever affects her grades. She is the best student in class who always brings in an ‘A’. Devi’s family includes her mother and her cousin Kamala who was staying with them. Kamala is a young career-oriented woman who gets completely terrified with the idea of getting married because her parents wanted her to but eventually ends up liking the very first matrimony choice, Prashant. Season 1 ends with Devi kissing Paxton and Ben on the same day she spreads her father’s ashes in the sea along with her family. Never have I ever shows us Devi struggling between classic American high-school life and staying intact with desi culture.

Creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher have really upped the game in season 2. It is more interesting, more adventurous and more relatable than season 1. Season 2 is more about Devi coming to terms with reality, accepting her grief, embracing her flaws and fixing things she messed up in the first place. Season 2 begins with Devi deciding to date both Paxton and Ben as she cannot choose between them. The fact that she thought it will all workout pretty smooth with both the boys and none of them would have any clue about it is when the viewers know she’s gonna mess it up big time. Nalini, Devi’s mother, had announced that they’re moving to India since she thought it would be a better idea to go back to the country now that her husband has passed away. She wanted Devi to feel more connected to her homeland. While Nalini visits India first to set things up before they shift, Devi hosts a party at her house where both Paxton and Ben are invited. Obviously, this is where she gets busted by both her boyfriends and ends up hurting them. As Fabiola and Eleanor would say, ‘She really Devi’d it up’! I think season 2 is not entirely Devi-centric. It throws light on Nalini and Kamala’s struggles too. The most heartwarming part about season 2 is when Devi listens to her father’s last voice note everytime she feels vulnerable or realises she has screwed up big time. The voice note had Devi’s father calling her ‘my perfect girl’ and take it from me, you melt every time you see it.

Guess who has narrated episode two of season 2? Drum rolls please…the one and only Gigi Hadid! Oh yes, I was astonished too. Devi tries to make it up to Paxton and Ben once she finds out that she isn’t moving to India but none of them are willing to even talk to her. Nalini brings home Devi’s Pati (grandmother) along with her from India. Pati is as sweet as every Indian grandmother is.

Just when Devi was getting her life back together, Aneesa, an Indian-Muslim girl enters her class. Devi gets all furious and jealous seeing Aneesa cope up with everyone so perfectly. Her jealousy towards Aneesa makes her accidently spread a rumor about her which shatters Aneesa. Word gets out that Aneesa is Anorexic (person suffering from eating disorder). Through season two, the show also gives a helping hand to everyone suffering from Anorexia via links to get help at the end of the episode. Season 2 shows Nalini trying to get romantically involved with someone for the first time after her husband’s demise, Kamala crushing the male dominancy at her work place and finding Mr. Kulkarni more interesting than Prashant. Another surprising yet satisfying element in season 2 is Paxton’s newfound interest in academics. Because of Devi of course! Now I’ll leave it for you to watch how this happened. The makers have not only made season two better than season one but have also given us excitement for season 3.