Gifting ideas for you this father’s day

Fathers day is just around the corner, and we are here to guide you with a slew of gifting ideas that you can give to the special man in your life


Your dad may go about saying he doesn't really want anything for fathers day but you know better that he's the person who taught you to celebrate the people you love the most. However, finding a perfect gift for him may be a task as you don't want something to just lay around the corner, but instead be of some use to him. Hence we've compiled a few best gifts for the best man in your life. Whether it's your dad, father in law, brother who has recently become a father or a friend, we've got you covered with the most exclusive gifting solutions. 


Bar kit from Bar Box 

This box kit is all you need to have, to make cocktails on the go. Perfectly portable, the kit features all the tools and glasses you need while relishing your favorite bottle of alcohol with friends and family. In my opinion, the guests should love it when he takes the bar kit out. 

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Striped Holdall Bag from Ted Baker

A bag designed to accommodate your gym essentials, which doubles up as your luggage bags for short impromptu weekend trips. Featuring straps on the top, the bag is easy to carry and is a wardrobe essential. 

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Cufflinks are accessories that have more power than you think. They can literally up your outfit game. These solid gold cufflinks are a great way to add detailing to an outfit with a bit of glamor in the play by making you feel more creative. 

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Mithuna by Paul John

One from the Paul John Zodiac series, this whiskey is named after the Indian counterpart of the 3rd Zodiac sign Gemini. This has chewy flavors of coffee mocha, orange peel and delicate spice float on active tannins while gentle oils enjoy gists of dark cocoa tones. The finish is gratifyingly long and complex with multi-toned sugars and delicate honeys. This is one such spirit everyone would want to have in their collection. 

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Camping Tent

For someone who is an avid camper and loves adventure. Here’s an ideal gift for him. A tent! A perfect addition to their mountaineering kit. The King Camp tent, an ideal tent helping you relax on those adventure trips amidst nature. Featuring a simple design, the tent is lighter in weight to carry around, and will serve you as a boon during those adventurous long stays.

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Freestyle Projector

A multiple times your dad must have exclaimed that the TV screen isn't big enough to watch those cricket matches, movies or etc. and only a projector would suffice the job. Well, fret not because the Freestyle projector from Samsung is here to your rescue, transforming your home into a mini theater. This projector not only exhibits true colors, but can also broadcast over the wall or any rough surface as well. 

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So, here's our pick this fathers day. Now, you know what to look for when you go out looking for the ideal gift this father's day or definitely can be there to someone's rescue with these aforementioned ideas.